Services Provided

Despite what some people think, we all possess amazing, interesting and unique voices! However, over time we tend to acquire a range of physical and psychological habits that begin to interfere with and block our vocal potential and ability to communicate our thoughts, ideas and feelings effectively and dynamically. Through my coaching I aim to help students gain greater awareness of such habits, which can then lead to overcoming them and allowing one's true or natural voice to emerge. I incorporate a range of creative and practical exercises, as well as useful images and anatomical resources in my approach so that those I’m teaching can begin to learn about their voices in a multi-faceted way. 


See below for some common areas that I can assist with (but am not limited to):

  • Vocal health and finding more vocal ease

  • Body alignment (strong Alexander Technique influence)

  • Developing breath support and capacity to power the voice

  • Developing vocal resonance and range

  • Improving articulation and clarity of speech

  • Dealing with nerves, stage fright and finding more confidence in communication and performance

  • Embodying text so that communication is authentic, nuanced and dynamic

  • Working with Shakespeare, poetry and other heightened/complex texts

  • Preparing auditions

  • Public Speaking and preparing speeches, talks and presentations

  • Preparing a range of accents and dialects (with or without use of phonetics)

  • Accent modification

  • Using voice to help create character

  • Tutoring for VCE Drama and Theatre Studies

Pricing and packages

Private voice and dialect coaching

  • One hour session - $80

If you require a one-off type session in order to prepare an audition or dialect, or just to tune in with your body and voice, then a one-hour session usually does the trick. It’s also a great introduction to begin the work which could then be continued in a 3 or 6 session package.

  • 3 session package - $210

    (discounted rate @ $70 per one hour session)

In booking a 3 session package, we can start to hone into your specific needs and goals as a performer or voice user and begin to develop your awareness. You do not have to book the dates of your 3 sessions in advance but you would have the freedom to book in any way you choose eg. 3 consecutive days, a weekly session for 3 weeks or you could just use them as you need them (in saying this regular sessions tend to lead to better results).

  • 6 session package - $360

    (discounted rate @ $60 per one hour session)

In a 6 session package deeper progress often occurs as we start to build greater consistency in practice and we can work through a complete program and apply to text eg. a full vocal progression, all key components of an accent or dialect, or a full preparation for a speech or presentation etc. Booking weekly sessions for 6 weeks would most likely serve you best here, as homework can be assigned between sessions and you can benefit more fully from the regular practice and focus.


Please note that nothing fast ever happened in voice! Voice is a physical process and so our vocal habits are not going to just change over night. If you are really committed to improving or exploring your voice, please consider a multi-session package, whereby we can really ensure you get the most out of the work possible. I recommend coming for an introductory session first to see how you feel and then we can discuss what kind of plan may work well for you should you like to continue on.


Voice and dialect coaching on a production

Please get in touch to discuss

I adore working with actors during theatre rehearsals and love nothing more than joining a cast and crew on set for film and TV shoots. I am available for voice, speech and dialect coaching and so don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss the needs of your project.

Voice and dialect workshops for groups

Please get in touch to discuss

If you are hoping to organise a specific and customised program, course or workshop for your company or ensemble, I would love to work with you on this. It is not a problem to organise.