Telia Neville - Performer

"Lisa is a gentle, encouraging, empathetic and effective teacher who helped me with an ongoing problem with jaw tension that had plagued me for several years, but which has not troubled me since our second session. She's a thorough teacher who kindly followed up with me outside of our sessions to make sure that I was proceeding well while I was out of town doing a season at Adelaide Fringe. I would have no hesitation in recommending her whole-heartedly as a wonderful teacher with a lot to offer her students."

Perri Cummings -

Director of 'The Medea Project'


"Lisa Dallinger worked with us as voice coach for 'The Medea Project' and she was just brilliant! She brought greater meaning and resonance to a rich and complex text while giving the performers the guidance and support they needed to create truthful and accomplished performances."

Sarah Vickery - 

Director of 'The Violet Sisters'

"The knowledge, skill set and clarity that Lisa brought to our rehearsal room as a voice and accent coach was invaluable. Lisa guided and educated my actors in a manner that made difficult challenges that come with New York dialects manageable and attainable. She is a very generous coach with clear passion and understanding, she really listened to each individual actors ability and catered to their needs specifically. Her teaching approach and personal grasp on accent and the mechanics of language was inspiring. Myself and my actors were so grateful to have her in the room, I cannot stress enough how valuable an asset she was to the productions final result."

"Lisa facilitated a 6-week Voice and Alexander Technique course for a small ensemble of Girls Act Good members... Lisa guided participants towards developing a greater awareness of their own habits, so they may then learn to redirect their thinking to find more ease in their voice use and performance. They explored vocal connection and expression: resonance, range and articulation. Lisa offered the participants a chance to extend their vocal skill and deepen the connection between their thoughts and feelings and their voice."

Jennifer Monk -

Founder of Girls Act Good