'To Lonely, with love' - La Mama Explorations 2016

Stage Whispers - Michael Brindley

 "...Ms Dallinger is a revelation, at least to me; after this show, I can’t wait to see her on stage again.  Her changes from, say, an over-bright, rather girlish Sam to a very blokey, reflective Roger are quite wonderful to behold"... for full review click here
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'A Lady Shot' - Girls Act Good, La Mama Explorations 2015

Stage Whispers - Patricia Di Risio

"...This performance includes a wonderful and eclectic collection of female characters and snippets of canonical speeches such as those given by Lady Macbeth (Plummer) and Julia Gillard (Dallinger) are among the highlights of the play"...for full review click here

'King In Exile' - Nice Productions, Adelaide Fringe 2015


"...Dallinger in particular is excellent, taking in three separate roles with aplomb. Her understanding of comedy is fine, giving her witch character and dominatrix Jacqueline the right amount of ridiculousness, whilst retaining these features and combining it will real anxiety for her role as the playwright’s partner”...for full review click here

Weekend Notes, Adelaide - Paula Benson

"...I felt sympathy for the character Rob, understood the frustration and confusion displayed by King and the playwright, was annoyed by the antagonist, aroused and disgusted a little by Jacqueline and had compassion for the Arab and his plight. The witches added to the absurdity of it all. I think that evoking emotions is what a good play should do. Was I entertained? Absolutely? Was it thought provoking? Hell, yes!"...for full review click here

'M The Scottish Play' - Eagle's Nest Theatre

Arts Hub - Taryn Pollock

"If anything, this attests to the well-studied interpretive delivery of the character of Lady Macbeth by Lisa Dallinger, who does in fact come across submissive to her husband Macbeth, played by Jason Cavanaugh, yet simultaneously driven by underlying desire and ruthless ambition"...for full review click here